We just wanted to thank Mr. Baca for the thorough, detailed inspection that he did on the West Ellis Street home in Laveen yesterday. Thank you!
I wasn't sure if he intended to send the report to both our agent, Jim Davis, and us, but we will be looking forward to seeing it via email at this address. We did inform the builder's representatives of the most important items that Mr. Baca uncovered and they also want to see it, so I will forward it to them when it is available.
Thank you, again. If we have an opportunity to give you a referral, we certainly will.


Kay & Asghar Shariff

I had Ralph inspect my new home. I was very impressed with his knowledge. He provided me with photos and a list of what needed to be fixed prior to moving in. We were able to resolve issues which avoided future costs and/or problems. I'm looking forward to using him for my one year warranty inspection and would highly recommend him to anyone purchasing a new home.


Lauri Hunter

New Home Buyer

Hi Ralph,

Well, it was a long, long looooooong process but I would have to say we are very satisfied with the results. Today we received a check in the mail from the Registrar of Contractors in the amount of $10,015.53. This is about $600 less than we originally paid but we have kept some of the 'surface select' boulders to incorporate into our new landscape. Don't really know what the going price of rock but our landscape designer had spots to place them in our 'New' yard. This gets us a little closer to a full refund.

Again I would like to thank you for your part in the recovery process. I think it was very beneficial to submit your report which substantiated all of my complaints against this so called landscape company. They are currently not able to do landscape work and have 10 complaints which resulted in discipline being imposed and I notice another new complaint popped up last week.


Jeff Liedl


I wanted to thank you for helping out my brother; he sent me a copy of the report. Based primarily on your report and somewhat on other factors he decided to rescind his offer. My Dad and I were relieved that he didn't buy the house because of all the problems you identified. Anyhow, thank you very much for your help, "you're the man!"




The meeting with the builder went very well. They came in and I presented your report and explained that you were not just a run of the mill home inspector and were a Registered Professional Engineer. They looked the report over then went around to see the cracks and pronounced that it didn't appear to be settling but looked like we had a workmanship issue. They set an appointment to come and do the repairs. I told them that I didn't consider spackling and paint an adequate fix. They agreed and said they were going to retape it and do it properly. Guess we'll see how it goes. I wish you could come and watch them but that might get a bit expensive.



Mr. Baca,

Thank you for the referral. The owner of the house is working on getting it replaced for free. I appreciate your time in giving us the referral. My husband and I were so impressed with your work. We will definitely refer others to you.


Sherri Shumaker

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Baca,

We would like to thank you for the excellent property inspection report you sent us on September 21, 2003. We are very grateful that you were able to fit us into your busy schedule at such short notice. At this time, we would like to know if you recommend contractors in the Foothills area to your clients. We are in need of a Pool Maintenance Contractor, a Landscape Sprinkler Repair Contractor and an Interior House Painter.

Being new to the area, we would value your opinions tremendously.


Patricia & Jeffrey Gearhart


Thanks again.

The walk through went great! Because of your good work!



Hi Ralph!

Thanks for the prompt delivery of the thorough review and report--it is very helpful that the pictures and drawings detail the location of the itemized issues. Regarding #21 (door not plumb, I wasn't quite sure which door was exactly being referenced from the simplified drawing (on page 5). Attached is a gif of the bottom floor that might help make explicit reference for clarity.
Also attached for your reference is a gif of the 2nd floor as well (a little zoomed in so it doesn't show the garage). This might help in pointing out exact locations of the items or in giving references to the rooms by name as shown on the drawings.
Thanks again for the great work!



Hi Ralph,

Thanks much for your good work.


Jonathan Luo


Thank you for the excellent and detailed property report. I have never seen anything this comprehensive or well presented.

Best regards,


Home & Building Inspection Specialist

Althea or Ralph G. Baca, P.E. BBaca Engineering, LLC